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You can find us on the Farm year-round & at Farmers Markets and events. These are listed on our contacts page.  We do not do on-line sales at this time.


Culinary & Medicinal Plant Starts 4" pots ready for your garden. Basils, Thymes, calendula, ashwaganda and many more. Stay tuned for updates mid-April

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Come harvest your own fresh useful herbs in season

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Salves, Soaks, Steams

Linaments & Salves for cranky skin or bumps & bruises, soaks for tired muscles, steams to reinvigorate

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Infused Vinegars

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar infused with health filled botanicals & vegetables

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Wildflower direct from the hive; also solar- infused with herbs

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Herbal Oils

Herbs steeped in oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil

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Herb Tea Blends

Our herbs dried and combined to create tasty, functional blends

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Dried herbs to attract, scent, relax or repel

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Chai (Spiced Teas)

Chai Tea

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Herbal Syrups

Herbs and honey combined

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