Grown, Harvested & Dried with care here on the Farm          


goldenrod, eleuthero, nettles, elder flower, hyssop, peppermint

Supports a healthy immune response.  Relieves red, itchy, watery eyes, sniffles,

inflammation &other allergy symptoms common to dander, pollen &mold. 


CloverMint Tea

Red clover and peppermint

combine hot or cold to refresh you! A great non-caffeinated substitute for iced tea! 

Soothing to inflamed sinuses during a summer cold or to an upset stomach. 

The isoflavones in red clover are blood-cleansing, cancer inhibiting, nutritive. 

The many uses of red clover are worth investigating!  Peppermint is anti spasmodic

used to treat IBS, bloating, nausea, indigestion.


Uplifting Support

chamomile, rose petal, lavender, eleuthro, mallow, cornflower, calendula, skullcap, tulsi

A tea to soothe, relax & solace you.  Drink often for healthy support during stressful days;

when you are off your diet; and at the end of the day to aid in restful sleep.

Supports good intestinal & nervous system health


Mi-Tea Headache Tea

You can't beat this combination for stress headaches and migraine relief!

Lemon balm for nervous tension and stress headaches--Feverfew reduces the frequency of

migraines with daily use. At onset it helps lessen symptoms.  Tones the vascular system

think varicose veins for instance.  People suffering from poor circulation will benefit too.

(Think cold hands, restless achy legs) Oats nourish the nerves & are full of minerals.


Spearmint Tea 


Gentle soother suitable for children & the elderly.  A cousin of peppermint, it helps alleviate

cold symptoms and “sick” headaches.  Cool & refreshing on a hot day.

Great with a little honey or just by itself.


Tonic Tea

(also sold as "Mama Tea"--great for pregnant, nursing mothers)

Red raspberry, nettles, hibiscus & just a touch of peppermint tones, strengthens C,

  these herbs combine to help combat fatigue...Add ginger for a great cold & flu remedy!


Heavy Moon Time Support

red clover, red raspberry, lemon balm, hawthorne, yarrow, self heal, cayenne

For those months when things get heavy...


Ruby Red Relaxer

lemon balm, hibiscus

Sensory overload, while part of daily life, can be harmful to your overall health. 

Lemon balm relaxes, cools jangled,  frayed nerves.  Hibiscus, full of anti-oxidants

&vitamin C adds color & immune boosting properties


Peaceful Dreams

skullcap, hawthorne, oats, passionflower

Good sleep is key to good health.  Slowing your pace, being relaxed and nourished

help your body to settle in for good sleep.  Skullcap is excellent at relieving physical &

mental tension-.anxiety, all contribute to insomnia. 

Hawthorn, with it's many anti-oxidants,strengthening the heart & circulatory system in general. 

Oats, full of protein & minerals gives us the energy we need to stay asleep. Passionflower encourages sleep



Well known for relieving sleeplessness or digestive distress. 

It is also great at relieving seasonal allergy and cold/flu symptoms.


Colic Chaser

Chamomile, spearmint, lemon balm

This threesome work well with infants, young children, adults & elders. 

Calming, soothing after a full meal, or a long day at play!



marshmallow, agrimony, white willow, chamomile, licorice

Tight, tender, testy, twisted.  This tea is just plain soothing and good for the gut! 


RoseBalm Tea     

A sensuous blend of sweet leaf, rose petals and lavender. 

Monarda nourishes nerves, rose is astringent and cooling while lavender calms.

Soothe your heart and mind at the end of a busy day! Perfect with or without honey.


Sweet Leaf Tea    

This woodsy tea is heartier than most herbal teas, but works to nourish and soothe

your nerves at the end of a busy day! Perfect with or without honey. 

Used by Native American Indians for over-stressed nerves, ringing in the ears as well as minor burns!


Sweet Lemon Lift   

Monarda, Lemon verbena

A little lift of flavor and aid to digestion! 

Lemon verbena aids digestion and soothes stomach

upset while Monarda supports the nervous system.


​                                                                      Vital  Foundations                                                                            

nettle, red raspberry, rose, violet leaf, hawthorn berry, hibiscus, calendula, oatstraw

    Nutrient rich, these herbs tone, tend &nourish. Essential minerals and other nutrients

are easily absorbed by our busy bodies.  Supports uterine & vascular health.

May be used before, during and after pregnancy

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