Based on the same concept as a CSA for produce we are offering a share of our Farm’s herbal bounty: fresh or dried herbs, herbal preparations and/or herbally infused body products. 

Each share will reflect what is being harvested and prepared on the Farm that month. 

For example the May share may include nettles and chickweed in a tea or herbal vinegar preparation.

Each monthly package will include 4 to 5 items, detailed information about every plant & recipes as well  

Your Herbal Care Share includes 7 monthly deliveries May– November​ for $350    

The Mini Care Share includes 4 deliveries June-September for $225

Katherine Adams RH, AHG BA has been a practicing herbalist for over 15 years. She volunteers in her community as an EMT.  In her work teaching and  growing she hopes to cultivate in others a respect and love for plants and their role as an aid to improve our health and well being.