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Grass Fed & Finished Beef


We believe that the food we eat should be as naturally produced as you think you remember your grandparents used to enjoy!!  This means allowing animals to stay outside 24/7 on natural pastures, exclusively browsing on field forage.  Absolutely no antibiotics of any kind for any reason.  It also means absolutely no growth hormones, period.  


Our fields have never had pesticides or herbicides applied to them and we have never used industrial or commercial fertilizers. In fact we use our chickens for that! Using a mobile chicken coop to move them from pasture to pasture, our hens spread their wealth for us and scratch it in to boot!


Our cattle are never confined and are constantly rotated to fresh new pasture on  a regular schedule.  Our holistic approach to land management  includes keeping all water sources buffered from grazing  animals. We provide pure clean fresh water from our  365’ deep well.


Grass Finished

Our beef is not grain finished.  Some producers feed grain the last 30 to 90 days  before harvesting the animal.  We believe that cattle are made to eat grass, not shelled corn, or pelletized processed feed.  We know what is in our pastures.  It is what cattle were designed to eat.  We are not shocking their digestive system with a foreign food substance to supposedly enhance flavor!  Our beef tastes like beef is supposed to!


Dry Aged

Supermarket beef is usually aged in sealed plastic for about 2 weeks.  It is delivered to the stores in this condition and the butcher opens the packages and cuts the beef before rewrapping for the display cooler. Our beef is Dry Aged for 21 to 30 days – It hangs in a cooler without plastic wrapping.  Dry aging is actually better because you are not paying for unnecessary moisture , the meat becomes tenderized and the flavor becomes concentrated as the water evaporates.

Nutritional Superior

100% Grass Fed Beef is nutritionally superior to organic grain fed beef.  We believe that in order to have the healthiest animals, the animals need to be eating what their specialized digestive system was created to digest.  Cattle are grazers, e.g., “ruminants”.  Grains, unless gleaned by the cattle from the maturing stalk of grasses, is not a natural feed for them. 


It does not matter whether the grain is organic or not.  Feeding large amounts of grain to a grazing animal makes the animal ill and the resulting meat  much less beneficial for human consumption. Compared to grain-fed beef, grass fed beef has as much as four times more vitamin E, fives times more cancer-fighting CLA, three times more heart-friendly omega-3’s, and twice as much beta-carotene.  It just makes sense!






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