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is named for a remnant of the pre-colonial road that runs through it.  It ran to settlements that have grown up into Warrenton, Culpeper, Little Washington and Sperryville.  The road was still marked on area maps as late as 1958.  The Stallard family traveled with Daniel Boone on his adventures and settled in Tennessee or SW Virginia.  There is still a Stallard Family Reunion every year.

As the most recent owners of this land, we feel strongly that we are stewards: of it's history, its' health.  In embracing Stallard Road as the name of our farm we hope to reflect that care and continue living out that heritage.

FARM: Laying Hens, Dairy Goats, Beef Cattle, Bees, Herbs. 

Our farming practices work with nature, without the use of chemicals.  Methods we use include rotational grazing, IPM (integrative pest management), mulching & composting.  No GMO's.  In turn, our plants and animals thrive.  They are healthy and do not require antibiotics or other supports. With year-round access to fresh air, clean water and energy packed forage, they in turn yield clean, nutrient-rich food for you.


BOTANICALS: Culinary and Medicinal Plants & Their Use

We offer Classes, Health Consultations, Herb Garden Planning, Plants, and Products

Here we grow and harvest many different herbs.  At just the right time, we bring in the harvest: sold fresh to area herbalists for their own uses or dried & crafted into cooking & tea blends, salves, oils and other herbal goodies.                   


Clinical Herbalism is an holistic approach to health that incorporates the use of herbs in the healing process.  Consultations here on the Farm or in the privacy of your home are by appointment.  For more details click here








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